23. November 2017

Squarez Review

Are you sick of playing whack-a-mole on your local funfair, because your arms are burning or you need a more relaxing alternative? Or are you such […]
18. November 2017
Gimme 5ive Interview

Gimme 5ive! Interview with Alexander Madani

Fred: Hi, Alexander! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Would you mind telling our readers a bit about yourself and how you became an Android developer? Alexander: […]
17. November 2017

Blu Review

In “Doodle Jump”, you go up and in “Blu” you dive down. And the deeper you get, the more difficult it is to dodge all the […]
16. November 2017
Color Shock

Color Shock Review

Become a Thunder God in “Color Shock”! No matter if you identify with Thor, Zeus or Indra, in this game by “Whirlwind Entertainment Studios”, it’s your […]