19. December 2017

Tomolo Runner Review

A few days ago, I’ve reviewed the endless runner Switchero and you could say that “Tomolo Runner” by “Tomolo Games” is the exact opposite. Whereas Switchero is extremely […]
17. December 2017
2048.io Logo

2048.io Review

Imagine the perfect combination of Slither.io and 2048 and – voilà – you’ll get 2048.io, a game by “New Leaf Studios”, that I’m going to review […]
16. December 2017

Switchero Review

Fast, faster, Switchero. If you suffer from high blood pressure or a nervous heart, you should permanently check your vital functions while playing this game. Switchero […]
15. December 2017
Super Jumpy Ball Logo

Super Jumpy Ball Review

“Yet another puzzle platformer”, you might say, sigh and scroll. And you’re right: “Super Jumpy Ball” doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It’s one of thousands 2D retro-inspired […]