3. October 2017

Unborn Review

Many years ago, when I’ve started to review Android apps, we had a huge discussion in my former company if it’s necessary to rate the story […]
2. October 2017

In The Crowd Review

Take a look outside, guys! It’s getting colder and darker these days as it’s already the beginning of Octobre (Time flies like an arrow, right?). It’s […]
28. September 2017
Betis Adventures

Betis Adventures Review

First, I was about to review “Figures Saga” by RQL, until I’ve found out that they’ve got a game, that’s even more suitable for a review. […]
28. September 2017

Borbudo Review

If Labskaus would be a mobile game, I guess we would call it Borbudo. As its culinary cousin, Borbudo looks like a mess and seems unenjoyable at first […]