24. November 2017

Rebus.io Review

??! Today we’ll review a Rebus game. A Rebus, you ask? If you’ve never heard of it, let me briefly explain: Rebus games are riddles using […]
30. June 2018

Turn It On Review

Anyone in for a puzzle game? No, I’m neither talking about jigsaw puzzles nor about any of these so-called brain games, that could be all renamed […]
4. August 2019

Word Bobble Review

 “Word Bobble” by “Addictive Word Games” will be the first Android game I’m going to review with our brand new testing device, the Samsung Galaxy S10.  […]
27. October 2019

Strange Case: The Alchemist Review

Do you like to solve riddles and challenge your mind? The adventure game “Strange Case: The Alchemist” by “Labeledman Games” is guiding a detective figure trying […]