23. June 2019

WizRun! Review

According to my pen and paper box of “DSA – Das Schwarze Auge” (which is basically the German version of “Dungeons & Dragons”, a wizard doesn’t […]
23. June 2019
Dap it

DaP IT! Review

Have you ever wondered how well can you handle two things at the same time in life? If not, you should. If you have, then this […]
27. June 2019
Puppy in Peril

Puppy In Peril Review

Today we visit the Puppy Valley. Where once joyous puppies were playing, angry mobs spread through the lands. The happy puppy Pappy possesses the last known […]
27. June 2019
Horizontal Hop

Horizontal Hop Review

Are you in for another minimalistic game experience? With the toned-down style of ProgressiveClicker, and the Doodle Jump-esque gameplay of Vertical Dash, let me present you […]