Stickerboy Review
Stickerboy Review
9. June 2019
Dap it
DaP IT! Review
23. June 2019
Stickerboy Review
Stickerboy Review
9. June 2019
Dap it
DaP IT! Review
23. June 2019

According to my pen and paper box of “DSA – Das Schwarze Auge” (which is basically the German version of “Dungeons & Dragons”, a wizard doesn’t have to be brave and courageous. Well, in that case, I shouldn’t wonder why wizards apparently run like chicken as they do in “WizRun” by J-man productions.

WizRun Gameplay

Who’s the chicken now?

Run with Fun

Basically, “WizRun” is a well-done retro-themed endless runner like Bounce Me and many other games of the genre, where you have to jump by tapping (or swiping, in this case) in order to avoid obstacles. The main motivation to play endless running games is a (global) leaderboard, which is also part of “WizRun” thanks to its Google Play Games integration. 

The USP of WizRun is its great sense of humor. WizRun is really fun, both with obvious in-your-face jokes like a flying chicken (and the CS 1.6 death sound) and hidden gems like the unlocked skins named Wiz Kalifa and Malefi-wiz

I also like the background music of the intro screen, which is really beautiful and a good choice for this app.

Small things that count

That being said, WizRun could be a great nosh now and then, but there are a few things that might control your appetite.

First of all the game cannot be played in landscape mode – which makes it needlessly ugly and hard. Secondly, the beautiful music mentioned is muted during the main gameplay without any obvious reason. Speaking of unnecessary things, I also don’t get why I have to return to the main screen if I die (what happens quite a lot, haha). It would speed up the game a lot if I respawn instantly or at least after pressing one button.

None of these points of criticism are deal breakers, but it’s also the small things that count. And changing these things are rather easy, thus real quick wins for the developer. 

WizRun Screenshot

Malefiwiz. Wi(t)zig.

What we love about “WizRun”

  • Retro Theme
  • Sense of Humor
  • Background Music

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • More Music
  • Landscape Mode
  • Instant Respawn

The Verdict

If you’re into runner games, you should definitely download WizRun! on Google Play. And even if you’re not, this game is a lot of fun and you should give it a try either way!

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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