Uprising Review
7. June 2019
WizRun! Review
23. June 2019
Uprising Review
7. June 2019
WizRun! Review
23. June 2019

You should all remember Facundo Balboa, the developer behind games like Asterash, who has now created a game for our valuable partners at Öffnungszeitenbuch.de. It’s a game adapting the original game idea of Paperboy and transforming it into a new, challenging promotion game. Let’s hit the road!

Stickerboy Screenshot

Skating is fun, at least as long as you stick on your skateboard.

Paperboy 2.0

Everyone or at least every gamer should know Paperboy, on the most popular and well-known arcade games that made it to almost every game console of the 80s and 90s, including the Super Famicom, on which I’ve played it. 

Stickerboy is similar, but not the same game. Instead of throwing the newspaper through windows, you have to label open shops with a sticker that says “customer-friendly opening hours”. I like this twist since you have to decide within milliseconds if it’s an open shop (points, yeah!), a closed shop (minus points, damn!) or no shop at all (same).

Plus, you have to avoid a lot of moving obstacles, which makes Stickerboy far more action-packed than the original. And – of course – it looks and sounds a lot better.

Also, keeping in mind that this game is basically an ad for Öffnungszeitenbuch.de, it’s very decent and subtle, that I guess many people won’t even recognize that this is a promotion game. But everyone will benefit from a cost-free and ad(zone)-free game. 

The Sky is (not) the limit. 

“So, what’s the catch?”, you might say. Well, like every promotion game, the scope is rather small and there are no features you know from other games of the genre like a global leaderboard, customization options or more levels. 

The gameplay is rather limited and could get a bit boring, if you can’t keep yourself motivated with the built-in local highscore.

In that case, you better share the game with your friends and compete with them in order to keep yourself engaged.

The only thing that should bother a lot of people are the controls. The onscreen buttons are pretty small, which makes it difficult for players with big fingers or small screens. If there will ever be a Stickerboy 2, this should be among the things, that should be improved.

Sticker Boy Gameplay

Yeah, that’s how you shouldn’t do it.

What we love about “Stickerboy”

  • Interesting Twist
  • Graphics and Sounds
  • Ad-Free Ad-Game

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Bigger Scope
  • Global Highscore
  • Better Controls

The Verdict

I’ve played a lot of promotion games (my favorite: Energie-Manager, google it!) and Stickerboy is among the best ones. Download the game, hit the road and drop your highscore in a comment below. 

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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