WizRun! Review
23. June 2019
Puppy in Peril
Puppy In Peril Review
27. June 2019
WizRun! Review
23. June 2019
Puppy in Peril
Puppy In Peril Review
27. June 2019
This is an updated version of the original review published on June, the 23rd.

Have you ever wondered how well can you handle two things at the same time in life? If not, you should. If you have, then this game will test your ability to multitask and challenge your two brain halfs.

In “DaP IT!” by Revontulet LLP, it’s up to you to control two mechas in a space fight arena. In the left arena, you’ll have to dodge incoming bullets by swiping to the opposite direction and in the right one, you’ll have to parry off their attacks by tapping on the screen. 

Dap it Gameplay

2 arenas, 2 tasks

Super innovative

We all now that lame motion patterns, where you have to wave your left arm in a clockwise direction and simultaneously wave your right foot counter-clockwise. Or stuff like that. But I have never seen an app that’s actually compelling me to perform different actions at the same time. 

DaP IT! will test your limits, it pushes you forward and it’ll make you think you’re an idiot (haha). It’s extremely hard to last more than a couple of seconds without getting hit, but that’s exactly the allure of this app. 

Combined with a couple of motivational phrases, I almost feel like having a personal trainer for my brain here. Let’s sum it up: DaP IT! is super innovative and challenges you with a fresh and defiant approach. 

Without a balance?

You could criticize DaP IT! for being too hard or almost impossible to play. However, that’s the core of the game, its unique selling point and reason to exist.

But we have to talk about ads, their spawn rate, and their length. In the first version, that I’ve played, I’ve spent more time watching (unskippable) ads than playing the game. Lucky me (and you!), this has been fixed and you only have to watch some videos, that you can skip after 5 seconds. Depending on how frequently you die, this could still be a bit too much, but it’s not unbalanced anymore.

For future versions, you could only wish for “more” of the game, since it’s simply fresh, unique and enjoyable. So maybe adding more game modes or stages could be a great way to extend it.

Dap it Screenshot

Feeling like a rodeo rider

What we love about “DaP IT!”

  • Innovative Idea
  • Extremely Challenging
  • Motivating

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Less Ads?
  • More game modes
  • More stages

The Verdict

Since the developers fixed the ad issue, there is absolutely nothing standing between you and the installation of this app. Try it out and challenge your brain cells now!

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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