Bounce Balls
Bounce Balls Review
6. September 2017
Pocket Weights Review
12. September 2017
Bounce Balls
Bounce Balls Review
6. September 2017
Pocket Weights Review
12. September 2017
Do you tend to give up easily? If not, keep on reading, because we might have found your next favorite game.

Damnit. Just yesterday I’ve reviewed a game called “Bounce Balls“, so that I am all out of jokes, puns, and headlines with “bounce” in it. I guess Spacesh1p has to rename their game or I can’t continue with the review… Just kidding, I will bounce back and keep going!

Bounce Me Gameplay

The moment Grampa came face to face with death.

An endless runner bouncer!

You all know games like Subway Surfers or Temple Run, where the protagonist runs like Forrest Gump, without you ask him to do so, right? These games are called endless runner/running games and do perfectly match the requirements of mobile gaming: fewer controls, more fun! Bounce Me, however, joins the club with a small twist: Your game character doesn’t run, he jumps. The only thing you have to do is collecting coins (to buy other characters) and avoiding obstacles by tapping the screen in order to jump a bit higher. It’s all about timing and anticipatory movements, a bit like Flappy Bird on the ground.

Smooth-running, but beastly hard

Bounce Me presents itself with a consistent style. Everything blends together perfectly. The pixelated graphics are seamless and flawless so that the whole game looks as if it’s made from one piece. I have to emphasize this because many other indie games (like Battle of The Pucks or Bounce Balls) struggle in this category. Nevertheless, Spacesh1p made a decision, that has to be discussed at this point: the game is hard, beastly hard and almost impossible to master.

Although I was playing this game for half an hour, I couldn’t make it past the fifth or sixth obstacle and I’m not even exaggerating. The game doesn’t have a learning curve and it doesn’t allow you to tune in and go with the flow for a few minutes. You die, you get interrupted and you have to start over again. Every ten seconds. And this is extremely frustrating.

Bounce Me Shop

Bonus point for featuring so many Freds! 🙂

What we love about “Bounce Me”
  • Consistent Style
  • Retro Graphics
  • Funny Characters

What we would like to see in “Bounce Me 2”
  • Lower Difficulty
  • Learning Curve
  • Smoother jumping animation

The Verdict

If I play an endless runner, I want to get the typical tunnel-type vision, the state of trance, the feeling, that I am not allowed to blink or breathe. If you die every 10 seconds, you won’t get any of this. Some will say, that they love the challenge and other will say, that they get demotivated. Which side are you on? Find it out and download the game here.


All pictures are ingame screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
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