5. July 2019
Beat Sprinter

Beat Sprinter 2020 Review

Attention, please! There is a new player in the business, it’s “Two Hundo Games”, a development studio, that has recently released their third app, “Beat Sprinter […]
13. July 2019

Hook Smash Review

Are bugs your enemies? Do you like to find a way out of the labyrinth? If so, you should check out “Hook Smash” by Jade Prod, […]
13. July 2019

Pinball Platform Review

If you loved to play with Pinball machines at the arcade, you will love this new take on the game. “Pinball Platform” by “Falcosoft snc” is […]
13. July 2019

Nova Escape Review

I really do like galaxy themes. So, here we have another game in space. But this time it’s about to collapse and as the title “Nova […]