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If you loved to play with Pinball machines at the arcade, you will love this new take on the game. “Pinball Platform” by “Falcosoft snc” is a combination of a classic Pinball game and a Platformer as its title suggests. Let me introduce you to a new world.


Skipping ‘N Flipping

Pinball Galaxy

The most obvious similarities are the flippers and the ball. Just like at a traditional Pinball machine, you have flippers (, on which you can get stuck – just like in the original arcade game) and plungers to shoot your ball up high. You need to navigate and bounce your ball in order to win as well. The new elements are the options to control your ball, you can even stop its movement and jump without the help of the flippers to collect coins and stars, which adds typical elements of a platformer game.

Just like the traditional version, this game has a theme. I really enjoy the galaxy design. It looks modern and well put together. I also find the background music very fitting, which changes for each new level – perfect for me, who get bored by the same music on repeat. In general, there is a lot to discover. There are plenty of details like invisible stones and new traps around each corner.

Lost in space

Even though I absolutely love the game, I have some points, which could be improved. Since the navigation is different from the known Pinball game and a bit sensitive for my taste, I found it hard to read the instructions. They only appear when you hit a certain spot (marked with an exclamation mark). This is impossible if you keep moving, so you need to figure out how to stop the ball. Maybe it would be possible to show the instructions in a certain area for a bit, especially since you need them in the beginning. I also would like to see a level display for more orientation.

My last wish is to include less advertisement as I find them rather long and mostly without an option to skip them after a few seconds. I always prefer it if the gameplay doesn’t get interrupted.


Burning competition

What we love about “Pinball Platform”
  • Various songs
  • Design
  • Plenty of details

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Shorter ads
  • Level display
  • Option to review the instructions

The Verdict

“Pinball Platform” is a challenging and mesmerizing combination of two classic game genres. If you want to explore the galaxy or remember your good times at the Arcade center, download it here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
Claudia is a content creator for Daikon Media and dedicated to game reviews.

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