Nova Escape Review
13. July 2019
Paddle Match
Paddle Match Review
18. July 2019
Nova Escape Review
13. July 2019
Paddle Match
Paddle Match Review
18. July 2019

You know, it has been only a few days since someone showed me the game “Monument Valley” and made me want to try it. But since then it has been sitting in my Play Store wish-list. When “Sole Light” caught my eyes, I knew, I would like it, since it looked similar. So, I downloaded it and started playing immediately. Let’s find out if it could live up to the expectations!

Sole Light Screenshot

Warm yourself at the bonfire.

Oddly (and) satisfying

The game is an isometric puzzle game, in which you try to get the bonfire to reach the next level. But be careful as the caves in after you’ve stepped on it. To help you reach save fields, you’ve got obliging imitators on your side. It is a lot of fun try to get to the next tier and definitely needs some brainpower. The developer even encourages you to “look for a hidden deeper meaning”.

The game idea is supported by amazingly smooth animations well done graphics either way. They might be simple, but are done with a high quality taht gives this game a professional touch.

The soundscape is another factor that makes this game, that is only released a a beta version so far, a great one already. I would describe the music best as eery. It draws you into the dystopian surroundings this game is set in.

Lastly, I like the introduction of the ‘helplings’. They give the game play an interesting component and fit into the sinister (and for some reason matrix-esque) atmosphere.

Unreleased version with crashes

As the Play Store already warns you: Since this app is in development, it is rather unstable so far. I had a very stable playing phase, but on the other hand another, in which the game crashed regularly. So for the next update, I’d love to see an improved, stable performance.

Collaterally, I noticed that the buttons on the bottom of the screen work flaky. When I tried to use them, they hardly reacted to the touch. So either sensitivity or the stability needs to be improved.

Lastly, I would (not quite selflessly) suggest to add more levels before releasing the game officially. So far it doesn’t take long to play through the existing ones. While the difficulty gradually gets higher already, I would love to have a few more that are hard(er) to go through. I can’t wait to see what the next challenges have to offer!

Sole Light Gameplay

Multiple stories to tell climb

What we love about “Sole Light”

  • Graphics & Animations
  • Helpling
  • Eery Music

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Improved performance
  • Button sensitivity
  • Additional levels

The Verdict

“Sole Light” has the potential to be a new star in the Indie sky. If you are curious to try this game already, download it here! I know for sure, that I’ll keep this game on my phone to see it grow.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Susann Schrader
Susann is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and a passionate mobile gaming expert.

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