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27. June 2019
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Puppy in Peril
Puppy In Peril Review
27. June 2019
Zeta Wave Infinity
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27. June 2019

Are you in for another minimalistic game experience? With the toned-down style of ProgressiveClicker, and the Doodle Jump-esque gameplay of Vertical Dash, let me present you Horizontal Hop by Chair-Man.

So, have a seat and enjoy the review. 😉

Horizontal Hop Screenshot

This is how the fun begins.

Simple and Addictive

I honestly have a thing for minimalistic games as I like the idea of creating something challenging, addictive or creative with almost nothing. And Horizontal Hop comes along with very basic Pong-like graphics mainly consisting of a round ball you have to hold up by tapping on it and some rotating bars you should avoid to make progress.

It’s the simple ideas having a huge impact – and this app is really addictive as you just can’t stop trying to hold up the ball as long as possible…

Unnecessary Hard

… if only it wouldn’t be so brutally hard! The bars can only be left behind in a very short time frame, in which they change the opacity. Plus, they rotate at a different speed and even move towards you. And I am not talking about later stages or something like that, I am talking about the very first five obstacles you have to face. 

This might be the biggest problem of the game: Its difficulty. Being beastly hard as it is, it’s too challenging for casual gamers, too frustrating for fidgets like me and too unbalanced if you have to watch (unskippable) ads even before reaching the third bar. 

I guess an easier learning curve (and a tutorial?) would do wonders here, so everyone can benefit from the existing extra features like achievements or skins.

Horizontal Hop Gameplay

I made it!

What we love about “Horizontal Hop”

  • Minimalistic style
  • Great Game Idea
  • Addictive Gameplay

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Tutorial
  • Learning Curve
  • Lower Difficulty

The Verdict

I guess there are many players out there who are looking for challenging games like this one. So if you’re in to test your skills, beat the highscore and download Horizontal Hop on Google Play.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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