30. November 2017
Gimme 5ive Interview

Gimme 5ive! Interview with Fabrizio Caligiuri

Fred: Hi, Fabrizio! Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. Our readers might have read our Cylynder Warp review, but don’t know the developer who created […]
27. November 2017

Running Waves Review

Does anyone remember Whale Trail by uswto Games? In this modern classic from 2011, you steer “Willow the Whale through the magical skies of Rainbow Land”. […]
26. November 2017
Inter Galactic Space Bugs

Inter-Galactic Space Bugs Review

Today, we’ll review “Inter-Galactic Space Bugs” by “Scootersoft”, a vertical scrolling space shooter, in which you play an outer-space pest controller trying to get rid of […]
25. November 2017
Cube Rogue

Cube Rogue Review

6 years ago, I did a review of Wonderputt, a mini golf game developed with Adobe Flash. And somehow, “Cube Rogue” by “CraftMob Studio” reminds me […]