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At Daikon Media, we’re a huge fan of word games. That’s why we’ve reviewed “Synonyms & Antonyms” (and translated the game into German), took a look at this cheat and will present you another one today: the Scrabble Word Finder by

Scrabble Babble

Talking about Scrabble is like telling old jokes: everyone knows what you are talking about and is inwardly torn between forcing you to stop or letting you pass. I’ll hope I can count you in the second category, as we have to pay tribute to the people out there, who have never ever played Scrabble in their entire lives. Don’t you think these people exist? Trust me, they do. And I can prove it with a personal story (Attention, please! Fred gives away private details!): My 12-year old cousin stayed over the weekend and was longing for entertainment. As a shining example of a grown person, I didn’t drop her off in front of the TV but pulled out some old, classic board games out of the hat. My first choice: Scrabble

Dabble at Scrabble

… and she never ever heard of this game before. And I don’t want to beat around the bush: We failed playing it. We failed in every aspect of the game, because we couldn’t build longer or more complex words than “the” or “be” (Actually, we were playing the game in German, but I won’t bother you with German words now.). And when we did, we weren’t sure if these words really exist. “Are these two letters a correct abbreviation of something?” “What’s the plural form of water? Waters?” Damn, that took some doing. Scrabble wasn’t maybe the best choice (we should have played easy classics like Uno or Risk instead), but we made the best of the situation – as soon as I used my smartphone to help us.

Grapple with Scrabble

From that moment on, we held a helping hand in our hands. I’ve opened up my browser and searched for a Scrabble Word Finder. Finally, we had a solution for all our problems: Firstly, we could double check the words already played, secondly, we could verify our thoughts by comparing our plans with the results of the Scrabble Helper and thirdly it helped us generating new word ideas. The penny dropped and we could finally enjoy our gaming session.

Did situations like these also happen to you? Do you also use tools or cheats to improve your gaming experience? Let me know by leaving a comment below – and make sure to check out this Scrabble helper!

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.


  1. Steven says:

    Nice article, Fred. However, I don’t get it: Where’s the difference between this tool and the one you reviewed a few weeks ago?!

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