14. December 2017

MondayZ Review

In 1979, The Boomtown Rats asked the audience to tell them, why they don’t like Mondays and I guess almost 40 years later, we know the […]
13. December 2017
Aethon Logo

Aethon Review

Another space game is waiting for a review and I am the last one to deny that. “Aethon” by “Red Shirt Games” is an unreleased space […]
8. December 2017
Bricks n' Bombs

Bricks n’ Bombs Review

It’s time for a round of demolition! In this brick puzzle game, you’ll need to connect the same colored bricks to destroy all lines to get […]
7. December 2017

Balloon Boy Review

Today I’ve played “Balloon Boy” by “Raithen” and was put in a difficult situation. Generally, I am always on the side of the developers, who put […]