3. October 2017

Slidey Feet Review

Penguins are among the most popular (zoo) animals in the world. People love to watch Antarctic documentaries, animated movies with penguins (like Happy Feet or Surf’s […]
3. October 2017

Unborn Review

Many years ago, when I’ve started to review Android apps, we had a huge discussion in my former company if it’s necessary to rate the story […]
2. October 2017

In The Crowd Review

Take a look outside, guys! It’s getting colder and darker these days as it’s already the beginning of Octobre (Time flies like an arrow, right?). It’s […]
28. September 2017

Betis Adventures Review

First, I was about to review “Figures Saga” by RQL, until I’ve found out that they’ve got a game, that’s even more suitable for a review. […]
28. September 2017

Borbudo Review

If Labskaus would be a mobile game, I guess we would call it Borbudo. As its culinary cousin, Borbudo looks like a mess and seems unenjoyable at first […]