Ideal Circle Review
5. October 2017
Cloud Bashers Review
10. October 2017
Ideal Circle Review
5. October 2017
Cloud Bashers Review
10. October 2017
Too many cooks spoil the broth. Many ingredients don't.

Looking at Spell Swarm, you might ask: “What is this? A match 3 game? A bubble shooter? A fantasy-themed tower defense game? Well, it’s actually everything mentioned above. Sounds like an interesting mix, right? Right. Let’s roll!

Spell Swarm Gameplay


“It’s all in the mix!”

In Match 3 Games, it’s your goal to identify and delete same-colored linked items in order to clear the game board. In a Bubble Shooter, it is also your job to fill the game board as you have the ability to bring same-colored items together. In a tower defense game, you have to do everything in order to stop invaders from rushing your main base. Have you ever seen a game bringing these three genres together? No? Well, now you have!

The combination of these genres under the umbrella of a cool fantasy theme is the biggest strength of “Spell Swarm”. The special abilities with which you can break through the demon swarms are the second one. The third big plus is the catchy folky tune, that you hear at the beginning. Unfortunately…

Bad Choices

… the gameplay music starts so softly and gently, that I was wondering if there’s some music at all. The crescendo is meant to emphasize the growing tension of the game, but I guess we’re better off if all music tracks are on the same volume level, so that the users don’t have to adjust it.

Additionally, the graphics need some improvement to meet all requirements. It’s not only a matter of taste (and more effects and brighter colors would surely please anyone) but also a matter of a user-friendly design. Missing shadows and low contrasts are bad choices from the users perspective and should be changed soon. Moreover, brighter colors would also help color-blind persons to distinguish color from color.

Spell Swarm Screenshot

The first level going up in smoke.

What we love about “Spell Swarm”:

  • Mix of genres
  • Cool spells
  • Nice Music

What we’d like to see in the next update:

  • Leveled Music
  • Shadows
  • Brighter Colors

The Verdict

Spell Swarm is an interesting cross-genre game, that should please a lot of casual gamers and fantasy friends. Try it out for yourself and download the game here!

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Change Notice 17.10.2017: In a previous version of this review, I’ve written that there is no music playing in the game, which turned out to be wrong. There is some music playing, it’s just quite quiet.
Frederik Schrader
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