26. November 2017

Inter-Galactic Space Bugs Review

Today, we’ll review “Inter-Galactic Space Bugs” by “Scootersoft”, a vertical scrolling space shooter, in which you play an outer-space pest controller trying to get rid of […]
25. November 2017

Gimme 5ive! Interview with Roberto Sartori

Fred: Hi, Roberto! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Many people read our review of Into The Darkness, but only a few know that […]
24. November 2017

Rebus.io Review

??! Today we’ll review a Rebus game. A Rebus, you ask? If you’ve never heard of it, let me briefly explain: Rebus games are riddles using […]
23. November 2017

Squarez Review

Are you sick of playing whack-a-mole on your local funfair, because your arms are burning or you need a more relaxing alternative? Or are you such […]
18. November 2017

Gimme 5ive! Interview with Alexander Madani

Fred: Hi, Alexander! Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Would you mind telling our readers a bit about yourself and how you became an Android developer? Alexander: […]