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8. March 2019
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Just One Color
Just One Color Review
8. March 2019
Dash And Live
Dash And Live Review
9. March 2019

The era of physics games is about 10 years ago. 2008, World of Goo was the breakthrough of the genre with many games to follow soon like “Cut the Rope” or “Where’s My Water”. Now, the trend is definitely dead, but that didn’t prevent Björn Ståhl from releasing “Puzzle Drop”, a physics-based puzzle game for Android. Is he able to breathe new life into this old genre? Inhale, inhale!

Puzzle Drop Screenshot

Drop it like it’s hot! /o/

Is it fun after all this time? Always.

It’s kind of surprising to see that the idea of maneuvering some object towards a world full of obstacles never gets old. Never.

But this game idea stands and falls with the quality of its levels. Luckily, all 60 levels in “Puzzle Drop” have been developed with a sense of precision, balance, and joy of playing.

The learning curve is also excellent as you get the time to slowly tune into the game mechanics, whereas the game never gets boring. It’s always challenging, beginning with the very first level without ever being too difficult to handle. This is simply brilliant.

A gift without Wrapping

However, to gain ground in the confusing maze of Android games, it is (sadly) not enough to only develop a good game. “Puzzle Drop” is a great game, but the developers urgently need to invest more time in the presentation of it.

The game feels a bit “naked”. There is no title screen, there is not even a logo (it was us who created the one above) and there is no (video) tutorial at the beginning. The graphics are at the lower end of the range and I don’t even talk about great gimmicks like a PVP mode or a level editor.

Fortunately, the core of the game is so good, that many players will be able to live without all this stuff. What’s more important, the gift or the wrapping?

Puzzle Drop Gameplay

2 balls, 2 cups.

What we love about “Puzzle Drop”
  • Game mechanics
  • Great level design
  • Good Learning Curve

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Better / more graphics
  • Start Screen
  • Sweet Gimmicks

The Verdict

Puzzle Drop manages it to convince you even without a shiny armor. Download it here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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