Puzzle Drop Review
9. March 2019
Waiting Game
Waiting Game Review
9. March 2019
Puzzle Drop Review
9. March 2019
Waiting Game
Waiting Game Review
9. March 2019

Now that the winter (on the northern hemisphere) is almost over and the icy fingers start to thaw, get them their warm up with the arcade game ‘Dash and Live’ by Roméo Nahon.

Dash And Live Gameplay

Keep your heart safe!

Dash and live with great background music

As the title of the game suggests you dash through the infinity screen and try to survive as long as possible, all while collecting crown coins and bonus items that help you proceed further. This fun arcade game comes with simple and accessible controls. Just hold your finger down and swipe or tap to navigate through the obstacles. Sounds easy? Well it is, but it is still a challenge. A fun one at that!

When you’ve made it far – whether it took you one try (rather unlikely but disabuse me!) or many – and you’ve collected a nice stash of coins, you’ll be able to unlock new characters. But you will want more than just one as they are creative, fun and lively. As a bonus some come with nice animations as well. The want to grow the collection is what keeps you playing!

Speaking of playing: the music is a huge plus to me and motivates me to play just a little longer. It’s kind of retro, kind of RPG-ish, kind of heroic and definitely addicting! I love it very much and I wish there was another theme as well.

Dash to the next level

I also wish that the graphics would look a bit more polished to fit the positive features I’ve described above. It doesn’t quite look retro, but it also is not very modern looking. Therefore a bit polishing would give the app a more contemporary and maybe even professional feel (- or a retro one if that’s what the developer is going for).

Furthermore, I would like to have another game mode. While the infinity screen is an established game concept, I think adding another way to play this app would be a fun extension. What a about a time trial mode for example?

Complementary, to be able to get even more achievements besides the characters would add another motivation to play the game. Possible accomplishments  could be to survive for a given time or to collect an x amount of coins to unlock a special protective shield or something similar.  

Dash And Live Sceenshot

You’ll gain a lot when facing the danger!

What we love about “Dash And Live”
  • Easy controls
  • Characters to unlock
  • Music theme

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Polished graphics
  • Another game mode
  • More achievements

The Verdict

I would like to amass coins in an adrenaline-fueled arcade game to collect fun characters, download the game here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Susann Schrader
Susann is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and a passionate mobile gaming expert.

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