Cosmodog Review
21. October 2017
The Legend of Battle Ghazi Review
26. October 2017
Cosmodog Review
21. October 2017
The Legend of Battle Ghazi Review
26. October 2017
Taking notes with pen and paper is so yesterday. Hopefully, "EZ Notes" will take us to a brighter future!

Enough gaming for today! Now, I am going to review an app, that’s not here to sweeten, but structure your day. It’s “EZ Notes” by Alexander Madani, a productivity app dedicated to bring the “best On-the-Fly mobile note-taking experience”. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Actually, I am searching for the best app to get and stay organized since… I don’t know, since I had my first smartphone in 2008. Will “EZ Notes” end my search and live up to its promise?

EZ Notes Screenshot

The main screen of EZ Notes.

Taking notes in every possible way

“EZ Notes” empowers the user to do voice notes, written notes and even draw them with a freehand sketching tool. No matter what you prefer (which clearly depends on the situation), you can easily choose from the range of tools and record your thoughts. Plus, you can sort your notes in different folders (like Education or Health), make use of a built-in To Do List feature and even visualize your notes with a widget on your home screen.

“EZ Notes” is a versatile organizer with many useful features and an exemplary approach to handle your data. Due to the developer, the app “does NOT collect your Contacts, nor Data from other Apps, nor Search Terms, nor your Music info, nor your Movies info, nor your Location (using your GPS sensor) for profit as corporations do for their “Free” Apps.” This is indeed a big plus and a huge exception if you take a look at the ubiquitous data abuse and cyber security flaws in the mobile and online world.

Mind the gap!

“EZ Notes” is a great app, but there are 10% missing to the top to become an outstanding one. Like “Trump vs. Panda“, this app is more substance than show, which is great, but the developer should keep in mind, that his target audience is more and more used to technology with a certain sex appeal. So juice it up a bit!

Secondly, the widget shows all captured notes of the app and displays them as a stack of cards, which you can browse through by swiping up or down. But why isn’t it possible to check them, to clear them, like in the widget of Wunderlist? A non-interactive to-do widget is kind of pointless if you ask for my opinion and it doesn’t give you the satisfying experience to watch a cleared list after you’ve ticked all your notes.

Also, the voice input is a great feature, but I am not sure if it works as it should. Have you already wondered what “Du Vohburg” means, one of my notes, that you can see in the screenshots? You might have thought that it’s a German phrase like “Spazieren gehen”, right? Well, far from it. It was my attempt to translate “Spazieren gehen” into English and record the note with the voice feature. It might be based on my terrible pronunciation as a non-native speaker, but there’s indeed a huge difference between “take a stroll” and “Du Vohburg” and I’m not sure if I am the only one to blame for that.

EZ Notes Widget

Easy notes above Leipzig, Germany.

What we love about “EZ Notes”
  • Many ways to create notes
  • Useful features
  • Data privacy and safety

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Juiced-up Design
  • Improved Widget
  • Better Voice Input

The Verdict

“EZ Notes” is a comprehensive app based on a commendable idea that manages all your organizing needs – except for the widget. Download the app here.

Plus, if you want to support the developer in a financial way, you’re free to donate some bucks via PayPal to keep the app alive.

All pictures are in-game screenshots or taken from the Play Store page of the app.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.


  1. Dear Frederik Schrader ,

    As the developer of EZ Notes, I wanted to personally thank you for your outstanding and very unbiased fair review of EZ Notes. I truly appreciate the time you took to do this review for EZ Notes.

    A couple points I wanted to make to help enlighten people about our Widget as well as the Voice Features. Firstly, as for the Widget … I agree that perhaps even more time could have been spent by me to try and develop a more complex widget with more features. But even this seemingly “Simple” StackView Widget took several weeks of solid intense research and programming focus to make happen, and it was only because people wanted a way to just refresh their memory of what notes are trending (happening) on their active home screen. But I completely agree … and I wish I had the right support and even more time and resources as an independent developer, to try and further enhance the Widget. Fortunately EZ Notes (the App) loads so fast and is so easy to dive into, that most of the time, its very easy to get to the data one needs.

    Also a point about the Voice Notes. Our Voice Recognition technology uses the same function as that used by Google Keep. However, I spent many months to research (do experimental labor) on Voice Recognition functionalities and wanted to make EZ Notes more efficient so as to make the Voice Notes pop-up hands-free and on the fly. I was also not too fond of storing large Audio Clip files associated with the spoken words because that wastes a lot of space on our Flash Storage (disk space), and there is really no need considering the powerful Native “Read Aloud” features built into Android.

    A few tips on taking Voice Notes have been provided in the Product FAQs, to help everyone create accurate and rapid voice notes without major interferences to the transcription accuracy. This feature is usually above at least 87 % accuracy from my own experience on my Nexus 6 device set to English. But EZ Notes has not been translated into other languages like German because I figured a lot of people are using English on their devices these days. Also, I did not have the resources , time, and translators available to spent countless hours going through all the menus and text and translate them properly. So if your device is set to English, EZ Notes should work great. We have a lot of dear German customers enjoying the Ultimate Mobility of EZ Notes, so I am very honored and delighted to see that most people are working with the App nicely.

    At any rate, thank you so much for the awesome Review of EZ Notes, and I hope more dear Germans and folks from around the globe will read your Review, and discover the unique benefits and Mobility Advantages that EZ Notes has to offer.

    Those interested in learning more about EZ Notes can use the learning resource links I provide below and also contact me at: (

    Thank you, dear Frederik, for an outstanding review ! And my special (Vielen Dank) to our awesome growing German Fans of EZ Notes! We love our German fans for their incredibly awesome support and enthusiasm for us.

    ============== Resource Links for learning more ==========================

    ✔ Overview of Product by “Technofare” (YouTube):

    ✔ Lots of education on our Landing Page ➙

    ✔ EZ to join us on Facebook (to learn, interact, and win Promo Code Prizes)

    ✔ You can follow my G+ profile if you wish to at: >

    Sincerely yours, everyone!

    Kind Regards,
    Alexander Madani
    developer of: EZ Notes – Notes & To-Do Lists

    • And that, kids, is how you write a comment! 🙂

      Thank you so much for your detailed and comprehensive feedback, Alexander! It was a pleasure for me to review your fantastic app and I would like to thank you in the name of all users for all the love, time and efforts, that you’ve put into this.

      Gern geschehen! 🙂


      • Alexander Madani says:

        My pleasure dear Frederik,

        I appreciate your acknowledgment of the time that I’ve put into this Ultimate Mobility Organizer, to help Turbo Charge people’s portability like never before 🙂

        When someone’s hard work is appreciated, and people find it useful, it is greatly rewarding. And to have the pleasure of meeting such a nice gentleman as your good self, and so many others from Germany who appreciate EZ Notes, makes me honored and feel great that my approach to Organizing is being appreciated.

        Thanks again dear Frederik !

        Kind Regards,
        Alexander Madani
        Developer of: EZ Notes – Notes & To-Do Lists

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