The Root of all Good

Who We Are

Susann has a Master Degree in Media Geography and is our expert for social media marketing and social linkbuilding.

Frederik has a Master Degree in German Philology and Economic Psychology and is proficient with audiovisual content and SEO.

We are both experienced online marketers and digital content creators.

What We Do

We are providing high quality, SEO-optimized, digital content for your web presence. It doesn't matter if you need a logo for your brand new company or if you seek for some SEO-optimized testimonials for your product.

Whenever you need an inspiring design or some creative content, we're there for you.


Visual Design

We are a passionate design team and would like to share our experience by creating logos, graphics, charts and other digital visuals for you or your company.

Foto-/ Videography

Whenever you need pictures or videos for your website in order to juice it up: Ask Daikon Media to produce visual content for you, that's tailored for your corporate design or the style of your website.

Written Content

We are seasoned writers and able to create any kind of SEO-optimized content for you such as blog articles, reviews, news, press releases, comments, forum entries and glossary texts.

Content strategy

Whenever you need inspiration, a new content strategy, a fresh corporate design or simply any kind of digital content, that's doable - ask us and we do it for you.