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9. June 2022
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19. May 2022

Ethics In The Workplace: All You Need To Know

This infographic visualizes an article of our partner site "MyHub Intranet Solutions". 

"Workplace ethics is a complex – but increasingly important – subject.

Society is more conscious and informed about the ethical practices of businesses. Consumers prefer to buy from companies with ethical standards and reputations – whether it’s green credentials, principled working practices or fair trade sourcing of product. Starbucks, for example, is committed to one hundred percent sustainably-sourced coffee. And cosmetics company Lush seeks to minimize waste by recycling labels and paper packaging. These companies have successfully positioned themselves in the marketplace as being ethical businesses. Ethics is increasingly becoming a key marketing differentiator for many business brands.

The starting point for any customer-facing company has to be internal communications. With a strong internal ethics program, your employees are more likely to internalize high ethical values and reflect them in their roles."

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