Infographic Intranet Design
🇬🇧 Infographic: “Intranet Design”
21. June 2022
MyHub Intranet Case Studies (1)
🇬🇧 Infographic: “Intranet Case Studies”
9. June 2022

Intranet Definition: What Is An Intranet?

This infographic visualizes an article of our partner site "MyHub Intranet Solutions". 

Intranet, extranet or portal, which is the right platform for your company? Often the terminology is used interchangeably which makes it very confusing, especially if technology isn’t really your thing. In this post, we make the selection process simpler by unpicking what the different terms mean and by identifying the best uses for each platform. Selecting the right choice for your business will be a more straightforward prospect. So let’s start with the basics.

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