Collaborative Communication Infographic
🇬🇧 Infographic: “Collaborative Communication”
3. May 2022
Employee Profiles Infographic
🇬🇧 Infographic: “Employee Profiles”
21. April 2022

Collaboration Skills: Does Your Team Have What It Takes In 2021?

This infographic visualizes an article of our partner site "MyHub Intranet Solutions". 

"Joint working and collaboration are essential in any workplace. Whether the transition to more people working remotely (as a result of Covid-19) will either help or hinder collaboration remains to be seen. Either way, employee collaboration – where two or more colleagues interact to complete a task or a cross-departmental team works on a specific project – is a crucial part of everyday business. However, team collaboration in the workplace is often taken for granted. Employers tend to assume staff have a natural ability to get along with each other, collaborate effectively, and produce successful outcomes. The reality is often very different. In fact, much like other workplace attributes, effective collaboration skills need to be nurtured and developed. So, does your team have the required workplace collaboration skills? First, let’s define effective workplace collaboration."

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