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“Tapcentric” by “Quest Arts Interactive Ltd” is an arcade game, which reminds of this early childhood game, in which you are supposed to put the matching shapes of figures into their holes. But this game also requires great reflexes as you need to hurry up tapping as many figures as possible before they fall down and leave your screen. Don’t leave the post now, if you want to learn more about “Tapcentric”.

Family Game

“Tapcentric” is an easy game to play. You only need to touch your screen, tapping on the required shapes to earn points. This makes the game family friendly because everybody can follow this rule and try their luck.

As the levels progress you need to become faster to get all the circles, triangles and squares. But I like how the level design really makes you adapt to the higher speed and does not suddenly confront you with a too difficult task. Nevertheless, it is still a challenge, it stays interesting and motivating to play.

Sorting out shapes and information

Even though the game controls are very easy, I would like to have some simple instructions. I mistook the little messages saying “red circle”, “green triangle”, etc. as announcements what shapes I unlocked or are coming next. I did not understand that I was supposed to target only those. I found out later after believing my touchscreen does not work well in the lower part. Another reason why I did not relate this message completely to the gameplay is that the text just goes over the area, where the figures are falling down. I would prefer a separated space because it makes it hard to read the text and hard to touch the forms when they are overlaying.

Very similar to this are the achievement notifications, which pop up in front of the game, which keeps going and makes you lose some points instantly. Since there is enough space at the top, I think it would be easy to separate the text field from the actual playing area and improve the game experience.

I also wished for another option for the music since one track can easily become tiring while playing the game for a longer time. But that’s not a real problem. You can just turn off the music and listen to something else.


Getting the right shape

What we love about “Tapcentric”
  • Easy controls
  • Level design
  • Difficulty

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Instructions
  • Better placement of the text
  • More music

The Verdict

“Tapcentric” is a family-friendly game to play when you have some time to pass. Download it here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
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