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Howdy, ya’ll! If you’re ready to check out this greenhorn of a game, giddy up! “Gunslinger” by “Soft ‘n’ Stuff” is a shooter simulation, which turns your phone into a weapon – Western style. In this game, you can connect with friends and have a good ol‘ duel to see who is the fastest cowboy in town.



Game for real Cowboys

I really loved the overall and consistent game design. From the logo to the menu and the actual game, everything looks like you’re in a saloon. But there are also some nice details, which I enjoyed very much like the little sentences showing up while you’re waiting for the game to load, which are kept in cowboy’s slang. I also loved the random names, which you are given like “Beardy Maria”.

The music adds to the Western feeling as well. It is very fitting and supports the overall theme. I already loved the default track, but if you don’t like it for some reason or get tired of it, you can even choose from two other tracks, which are just as great.

The Lone Ranger

The whole game is about dueling another person. You are supposed to scan the area around you to find challengers. For me there were none. I had to ask a friend to install it as well so that I could play it. I understand that the game only works when two players face each other, but I still wished there was a way to play it as a single player.

Another problem occurred while playing. I am not sure if it was my phone’s issue, but the connection was bad. While one player was already shooting the opponent, the other player still did not get the signal – even after officially losing. A real fair duel was not possible like that. Also, the instructions were not clear enough for us. We held the phone next to us like a pistol but for shooting, we were supposed to turn it for aiming – I am still not sure.



What we love about “Gunslinger”
  • Game design
  • Music
  • Details

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Single player version
  • Stable connection
  • Better Instructions

The Verdict

If you want to check who is the fastest cowboy in your group of friends, check out this Western style game “Gunslinger” and download it here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
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