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When I read the introductory question “Are you good at math?” in the description to this app I was like… “Nooooo!” but since I am really good at remembering numerical sequences I was still looking forward to play this game. Let’s find out how it went!

Add the numbers to get to the sum of 5

101 of summation

While I hated maths in school, I still love(d) numbers. And my sum skills are good enough to pass this game. But even if you’re not proficient in maths, this app is great for either way: to affirm your skills or to hone them. The gameplay is simple, but engaging. When you finish a level, you really want to try for another one. Maybe the controls are playing a part in that as well. I’ve seldom had a game that reacts this promptly and smoothly to the touch as this one. I really enjoyed the uncomplicated, fast way to play.

Another nice way to keep the player engaged is the highscore list. Doesn’t hurt to see you player name up in the highscore list, eh? 😉

Cheat your way through the test levels

While I also like the sounds, I would love to hear another music theme. The current one fits the game, but it gets kind of repetitive after a while. So a few other options would be more diversified.
Another thing that bugs me a bit is the amount of advertisements. You see  them at the bottom of the screen (and I don’t mind them as they don’t interfere) and you get them after each level. It’s just that the levels are very short in the beginning, so they effectively play literally every minute to a minute and a half. I wish there would be more balance regarding that.

Lastly, there is a minor bug (or is it an easter egg?). You can watch an ad to earn medals, which you need to unlock further levels. But you can see them endlessly. After watching one just click on the menu and then go back- voilà, you can watch it again. This way you can get through the game without actually playing it.

Earn medal too unlock new levels

What we love about “Sumpath”
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Controls
  • Highscore list

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Additional music theme
  • Less ads
  • Fixed cheat

The Verdict

Whether you are a mathematical genius or a first-grader skillwise, this game is fun for each of you. Try and download it here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Susann Schrader
Susann is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and a passionate mobile gaming expert.

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