Hands on ASL
Hands on ASL Review
4. May 2019
Sumpath Review
24. May 2019
Hands on ASL
Hands on ASL Review
4. May 2019
Sumpath Review
24. May 2019

Do you love cats? Do you also love air hockey perhaps? Well, I can tell you there is a way to combine both. “Flat Fat Cat Bounce” got described by its producer “Rainware Games” as hockey with cats and is a fun way to spend your time for sure. If you are ready for more cat content today, keep reading.


Playing with kittens in the living room

Bouncing Felines

The name “Flat Fat Cat Bounce” describes the gameplay pretty well. Your task is to push Bruno, the cat, in such a way that other cute felines of the same color are meeting. If they do so, they disappear and you receive your points. For matching all the right couples you get a certain amount of tries and of course the challenge gets harder the more you move on in the game. There will be more obstacles, such as pots with plants (, which can break), dogs, or buckets with colors, which give the touching cat a different color. The game is not too difficult but still challenging with adorable details as mentioned above, which makes it a great game to play when you have some spare time.

You can turn off the ads for some time with in-game money if you like. But even if you don’t turn them off, I never found them too disturbing and the in-game money was easy to collect anyway.

How to treat a cat

When I started to play the game, I just guessed that I have to push Bruno around to move the other felines. I didn’t even see that there was a counter in the left corner. You will understand the aim of the game pretty fast, but a quick run-through could be helpful, especially for the bonus rounds, which are called “Super Cat” and in which you can use the rest of your tries to collect as many extra points as possible.

I found the music quite repetitive after a while, maybe it would be possible to add a longer version of the track or an option to change the music. It fits well to the gameplay though.

There are some dogs included but maybe there could be some more, so that dog lovers also have a good reason to love the game.


Colorful fur

What we love about “Flat Fat Cat Bounce”
  • Plenty of cats
  • Adorable details
  • Possibility to turn off ads

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Instructions
  • Changing music
  • More dogs

The Verdict

“Flat Fat Cat Bounce” is a cute game not only for cat and air hockey lovers but for everyone, who likes a nice bouncing game with lovely details. If you want to give it a try, download the game here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
Claudia is a content creator for Daikon Media and dedicated to game reviews.

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