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Heads up! In the third release by Froton, “Nighty Knight”, evil roaches have invaded the earth and only the “Nighty Knight” or the “Pew Pew Princess” can save the world. That means it’s up to you, dear reader, those characters won’t lift a finger without you. So read this review to find out if you’re willing to take the job!

Nighty Knight Screenshot

Attack of the gumball machines.

Fantastic Heroes

Look at this adorable couple. Look at them! If you ask me what’s the biggest reason to play “Nighty Knight”, I would say it’s the knight himself. And the adorable princess. I think Froton did an amazing job with designing the main characters. Both the 2D illustrations and 3D animations look awesome, so do the fighting scenes (I am a big fan of the laser mirror, how cool is that?).

Also, the enemies look very cool, especially the female cockroaches, who look like a mixture of “Charlie’s Angels” and the Alien Jumpsuit Chicks. Combined with the bright colors and high contrasts, “Nighty Knight” is pleasing to the eye and should be popular with all age groups.

The devil is in the Details

“Nighty Knight” is like our world itself. If you zoom out and see the world from an alien’s perspective, it surely is the most beautiful place in the galaxy. But as you zoom in further, you see the dirty little details, that make our wonderful world less wonderful.

And unfortunately, this game has quite many little things, that are a bit less wonderful. Like the ugly HUD, that can’t keep up with the beauty of the characters. Or the oversized, non-transparent control buttons that devour one-third of the screen.  Or the “playground”, that just feels too much like moving a 3D character on a 2D texture. And if you combine these two things, it’ll result in imprecise controls that also affect the gameplay. Doesn’t sound that good, but these are easy-to-solve problems, right?

Nighty Knight Gameplay

BREAKING NEWS: Creepy Cockroach harasses little princess.

What we love about “Nighty Knight”
  • Nighty Night himself
  • Pew Pew Princess
  • The Enemies

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Better on-screen controls
  • A more 3D-esque background
  • Prettier HUD

The Verdict

“Nighty Knight” is not like a bird in a gilded cage. It’s gold in a burden cage. (I hope you appreciate this bon mot, took me an hour to make this). If Froton succeed in harmonizing the cons with the outstanding character design, you’ll be able to download programmed perfection here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

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