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There are many stories about superheroes. “Lee vs the Asteroids” by “8BitBite Games” offers you the unique chance to become a hero yourself and a very stylish one at that. Fighting against asteroids might sound a bit dangerous. But nothing can beat a great hairdo. If you want to learn more about this creative clicker game, scroll down.


Incoming asteroid

Amazing world

The whole world is kept in Pixel Art and full of details. The introduction video and story parts between the actual game levels (especially in the beginning) reminded me of the “Pokemon” game series. But there are actual game references, like an “Angry birds” shaped asteroid. All in all, I admire the retro style and absolutely love the main character, Lee (He might be a relative of Elvis or Johnny Bravo). He is not just buff, but he has beautiful and strong hair, which he can use for fighting asteroids apparently.

The game itself is surprisingly diverse for a clicker game as you have different tasks. You have to tap on the target for punching incoming asteroids as shown in the picture above. For the main asteroid of each round, you have to tap as fast as possible to hit it most efficiently. Lastly, you need to aim a precise click to shoot the asteroid back to where it comes from.

As if this game was not fun enough already, I have to mention the great choice of background music. It certainly adds even more energy and fun to the game.


As mentioned before, there are several tasks to complete in this game. The main goal is to protect the city. Somehow I didn’t quite find out how to protect the buildings though. While concentrating on destroying the asteroids, I collected many minus points for letting too many buildings being wrecked in the fight. Unfortunately, there is no option to go back to the instructions, so I couldn’t review the part, which explains how to save the buildings. Maybe this could be added later to the game.

Similar to this, it would maybe also explain why it was not possible to enter the hair shop, even though it was unlocked. We all learned by know: our superhero Lee needs to take care of his hair.


Fabulous hair can save the world

What we love about “Lee vs the Asteroids”
  • World design
  • Game references
  • Background music

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Option to see instructions again
  • Less destruction of buildings
  • Access to the hair shop

The Verdict

If you want to become a fabulous hero yourself and enjoy the amazing world of “Lee vs the Asteroids”, download the game here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
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