Star Zone Review
20. December 2018
Leapy Frog
Leapy Frog Review
20. December 2018
Star Zone Review
20. December 2018
Leapy Frog
Leapy Frog Review
20. December 2018
I guess every gamer on this planet knows Breakout. But how many of you have played this game in 3D? So stay tuned and check out this review!
Update 20.12.2018

After we’ve published this review in October 2017, Palasoft did a lot to improve the game experience. For example, they’ve added alternative controls as an immediate reaction to this review. So, all in all, we can just emphasize our recommendation to download this game here.

Karmahameha!!! Do you also think Breakout needs a paint job? Well, with “Karmanoid”, Palasoft didn’t just repaint the old classic, they took it to the next level, or, to say it more precisely, to the next dimension. Yes, today we’re going to play Breakout in a three-dimensional environment. Ready to take off? 3…2…1… zero!

Karmanoid Screenshot

Now THAT’s what I call a breakthrough.

Breakout meets Squash – in 2117

Do you want to know how I felt playing “Karmanoid”? I thought I was playing squash. In the future. In a whatever-kind-of-virtual-reality playground giving me the freedom to demolish things as if there’s no tomorrow. Oh, how amazing it feels to break those bricks, to let them explode, to let them burst into pieces. “Karmanoid” calls up the little boy in a man, who loves to destroy sand castles and LEGO cities. What a feeling.

In “Karmanoid”, everything blends together perfectly. You got this fresh approach on an old classic, bundled with some futuristic tunes and graphics and – voilà – there is a gaming experience that just feels right. Well done!

Oh, and I have to praise one thing, that usually doesn’t get any recommendations at all: The monetization. I think Palasoft found the perfect balance between making money and leaving the players a chance to play for free. How? Like this: If you die, you have three choices: Continue with your (paid) in-app lives, watch an advertisement video or skip both opportunities and start all over. Three choices that cater for all tastes.

Paying the price for the Beta Phase

We have to keep in mind though, that this game hasn’t been officially released yet. And you kinda feel it with every second, because the performance isn’t up to speed yet (in the truest sense of the word, haha!). Plus, I guess it needs a bit balancing here and there. The developers shouldn’t forget that tilting controls aren’t easy and maybe the first level should be half as big to help new players ease into the game.

Actually, I’m thinking of the possibility to offer alternative controls. Maybe there are players who prefer to steer the paddle by sliding it across the screen? Might be worth a second thought!

Karmanoid Gameplay

Like a bull in a china shop.

What we love about “Karmanoid”

  • Futuristic Look and Feel
  • The Joy of Destruction
  • Perfect Monetization

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Better Performance
  • Improved Balancing
  • Alternative Controls

The Verdict

Palasoft did a great job to bring “Breakout” to the next level and the next dimension. “Karmanoid” is a worthy adaptation of an old classic, that you should download here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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