Karmanoid Review
20. December 2018
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Idle Downloader Review
21. December 2018
Karmanoid Review
20. December 2018
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Idle Downloader Review
21. December 2018

Does anyone remember the Flappy Bird hype? In 2013, the Vietnamese video game developer Nguyễn Hà Đông published an incredibly popular game out of three main ingredients: Simple controls, beastly hard gameplay and well-known Super Mario graphics.

Now, in 2018, TappYap tries to mix these ingredients again, but is Leapy Frog as addictive as its predecessor? We’ll see!

Leapy Frog Gameplay

An undead frog accepting its fate.

Tap, Tap, Die.

Yep, you just need a few seconds to realize that this gaming experience will be as difficult as expected. 🙂 In “Leapy Frog”, you control a frog, that leaps from pipe to pipe – but only if you succeed in finding the exact jumping power in the jump-o-meter. Precision work as its best – and that’s what I love about this game: Every single jump could lead to sudden death or become a step to a new highscore record. Very exciting!

Speaking of highscores, it does totally make sense that this game is connected with Google Play Games, so that you can compete with players all over the world. Much better than just a local leaderboard!

What I also love about “Leapy Frog” are the different skins you can unlock like the royal frog or the undead frog that you can see in the screenshot above. Cool stuff!

Skinny Frog Legs

Apart from that, there’s not really much going on in this game. Sure, you have some variation in the levels (like moving pipes), but “Leapy Frog” is all about simplicity and seeking for the highest score.

Due to its proximity to “Flappy Bird”, I might have wished for a bit more creativity here and there, but the game strictly sticks to the established concept.

Besides that, there’s really nothing much to criticize. The only minor thing, the developer could improve quite easily, is the soundscape. There is no background music at all and also the sounds aren’t very well chosen. Why not adding some croaking sounds to breath more life into the frog? Should be worth a second thought!

Leapy Frog Screenshot

On my wishlist: King Frog

What we love about “Leapy Frog”
  • Hard and addictive gameplay
  • Global Highscore
  • Frog Skins

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • More creative ideas
  • Background Music
  • “Ribbit, Ribbit”

The Verdict

“Leapy Frog” is a worthy successor of “Flappy Bird” and if you ask me personally, I definitely prefer the funny frog over the pale bird. Do it like me and download the game here!

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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