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14. September 2017
Word Jungle
Word Jungle Review
15. September 2017
Rogobo Review
14. September 2017
Word Jungle
Word Jungle Review
15. September 2017
Flagsplosion by Smokey Moose Games is a comprehensive flag quiz for Android and PC.

This is going to be tough. My loyal readers expect professionalism and objectivity, but here I am reviewing a geography quiz game. My favorite genre of mobile and online gaming. It’s so damn easy to get me enthusiastic about topography, flags and stuff like that, making it almost impossible for me to approach this task without a broad smile on my face. Well, at least it’s not a video review. 🙂

Flagsplosion Gameplay

Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a my stride!

Fun with Flags

Unlike the unintentionally funny fictional video YouTube show with Sheldon and Amy, these vexillology studies are genuinely entertaining. In “Flagsplosion”, you’re able to learn the incredible amount of 650 different flags. The game provides over 100 training levels, a non-timed practice mode, and many achievements, that will keep you motivated for a long time. Good stuff, since we all know that learning by playing is more fun than memorizing Wikipedia lists.

Just in case anyone is wondering, how Flagsplosion can ask for 650 flags, while there are only barely 200 countries in this world, I’m happy to point out, that the game will teach you so much more than just national flags, no matter if it’s a Swiss Canton or an US State.

Flagsplosive Mixture

Although it sounds like a piece of cake, developing a good geography quiz is not so easy as it seems. There are apps with a bad (or non-existent) learning curve, apps failing due to a limited scope and apps that are not able to keep you entertained for a longer period of time, no matter how hard they try. Luckily, “Flagsplosion” by Smokey Moose Games doesn’t put a foot in any of these traps.

On the downside, nobody is perfect and the same goes for this app. The soundscape, for example, is extremely low, almost unworthy for a game with such a high overall quality like this one. Also, the game lacks a multiplayer mode and I am not even talking about online features. Besides that, there are few to none things to criticize and that speaks for itself.

Flagsplosion Achievements

Now THAT’s what I call an achievement!

What we love about “Flagsplosion”

  • Huge Scope
  • Cool Achievements
  • Great Variety

What we’d like to see in “Flagsplosion 2”

  • Better Sounds
  • Background Music
  • Multiplayer Mode

Saluting the Flag

Did you know, that only active duty military and veterans have earned the right to salute a flag? Civilians should place the hand over the heart or – even better – use it to grab a smartphone in order to download Flagsplosion to learn everything about the flags of the world. Fall out!

All pictures are ingame screenshots, the featured image graphics have been taken from the developers page.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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