Halloween Madness
Halloween Madness Review
15. November 2017
Blu Review
17. November 2017
Halloween Madness
Halloween Madness Review
15. November 2017
Blu Review
17. November 2017
Playing "Color Shock" in real life: Player 1 opens a bag of "Skittles" and is randomly shouting "RED!", "BLUE!", "GREEN!". Player 2 eats all Skittles with the matching colors. Sounds like fun, right? At least for Player 2... ;-)

Become a Thunder God in “Color Shock”! No matter if you identify with Thor, Zeus or Indra, in this game by “Whirlwind Entertainment Studios”, it’s your goal to shock the right-colored ball with your furious anger. Let’s cross our fingers that none of these Gods is colorblind!

Color Shock Screenshot

Trip into the Blue.

Easy and Colorful

“Color Shock” has got three advantages, that I would like to share with you.

First of all, it’s extremely easy and intuitive to control. Simply tap on the bubble matching the color on the bottom screen to let it explode for points. It couldn’t get any easier and it’s therefore perfectly designed for a mobile device.

Secondly, all colors are easy to distinguish. I’ve played a few games (like Spell Swarm) that are hardly enjoyable for color blind persons, who are already making up 8% of the population. It’s good to see, that a color-based game is trying its best to reach everyone.

Thirdly, and that’s the biggest plus, “Color Shock” features a very cool method to give the players the opportunity to adjust the difficulty of the game. In this game, you only suffer from penalties, if you click on a ball with another color as shown. That means you don’t suffer a disadvantage if you “shoot in the dark” or if you don’t tap at all. You’ve got all the time you need to identify the right balls and it’s absolutely fine if you wait and focus on one easy ball to get it. Or you tap like crazy to increase the difficulty. As you wish, it’s totally up to you and that’s awesome.

Misleading Weather Forecast

On the other side, there are a few things, that are longing for an improvement. Take a look at the screenshot below and identify the ball matching the color of the bottom. See it? No? Well, neither do I. But this orange-ocher mix is supposed to match the bright yellow bubbles that are floating around. Yes, I know, ocher is part of the yellow-ish color spectrum, but that’s not the point. If this game is about matching colors, the colors should at least match, right?

Furthermore, I am a bit disappointed that the game doesn’t deliver what it promises. It’s named “Color Shock“, it shows some cool bolts of lightning in the logo, but if you play the game, you are thunderstruck by the complete absence of anything that is somehow related to it. My idea: The developer should give the user the power to control a lightning bolt, that is buzzing and sparkling over the screen. And this lightning bolt has got the power to destroy these balls with a nice explosion and electrified sound effects. As you can see, the game is definitely missing some visual effects to merge expectations with reality.

Finally, it’s also missing some power-ups, skills or bonus features. Get inspired by the idea of my initial sentence: How amazing would it be to be able to choose from a range of characters (Gods of Thunder, of course) and benefit from their special abilities? One god could have the power to slow the balls for a few seconds, making it easier to tap the right ones. Another god could let you choose the color every 60 seconds. Or how about a god with a chain lightning spell, that automatically destroys all matching color balls now and then? As you see, there are unlimited possibilities.


Color Shock Gameplay

255-255-0 vs. 194-179-0.

What we love about “Color Shock”

  • Easy Controls
  • Distinguishable Colors
  • Customizable Difficulty

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Matching Colors
  • Lightning Theme
  • Characters (+Skills)

The Verdict

“Color Shock” is an easy, intuitive and balanced mobile game, that you can download here for free. Keep track on its progress, as we count on many features to come!

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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