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Do you like quick games to improve your coordination and skills? Well, then check out “Bin Boing” by “ClassHD Arts”, which is a cute game, that reminds me of a virtual version of throwing a paper ball in the classroom’s bin.


Reach the next platform

Colorful game

The gameplay itself is simple – you just need to tap on the right or left to coordinate the ball in order to get to the destination. So, details are very important to make this game more interesting and lively. And so it does! You need to help our little hero Bin to make it to the goal platform. Apparently, he is in a bad mood – or maybe he is just concentrating very hard. You have a generous amount of hearts in this game, but if there is only one left, Bin’s face becomes even more depressed and even the music changes from its upbeat version into a more nerve-wracking one. The colorful background changes into a more serious gray as well. Such details add a lot to the game in my opinion.

More variation

I like that “Bin Boing” is a very good choice if you want a quick distraction. And it’s not too easy to get bored fast, but also not that difficult to become immensely frustrated, even though there might be a bit of luck helpful to master the levels. The game might be too easy for advanced gamers though. Maybe it’s possible to set certain goals and reward them as well, e.g. with more characters to unlock. I also imagine that adding more ways to move or different kinds of obstacles, e.g. sticky walls etc., could add even more fun to it.

One thing that should be fixed is the included ads, which don’t work. There is already a hint, that they might not work and one should check the internet connection, but this doesn’t seem to be the reason. And since watching these ads is supposed to give the player one more chance to master a level, it would be nice if it get fixed soon.


Dodge or use the obstacles?

What we love about “Bin Boing”
  • Colors
  • Controls
  • Background music

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Fixed ads
  • More characters
  • More moves

The Verdict

If you want to test your agility and coordination skills and like cute, colorful games, download “Bin Boing” here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
Claudia is a content creator for Daikon Media and dedicated to game reviews.

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