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15. December 2017 Logo Review
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Super Jumpy Ball Review
15. December 2017 Logo Review
17. December 2017
Running out of adrenaline? Well, you could do bungee jumping, parachuting... or you just play "Switchero" by "Busy Breaks"!

Fast, faster, Switchero. If you suffer from high blood pressure or a nervous heart, you should permanently check your vital functions while playing this game. Switchero isn’t just an endless runner (those games, who don’t allow you to breathe, blink or take any breaks at all), it’s also fast like Running Waves and, to top it all, constant stress for your brain cells.

Why? Because it’s not only about avoiding traps by jumping over them with a simple tap (like what you do in >95% of all endless running games), you also have to tap with the other hand to (permanently) switch between two crucial options. Like switching from dotted line blocks, where you can walk through or real blocks, providing you from falling into the abyss. Imagine playing Super Mario World, but instead of hitting the Switch Palace once, you have to decide in each and every second, if you rather die with activated or deactivated blocks.

Seriously, this game is so demanding, that it was almost impossible for me to do screenshots. That says it all.

Switchero Screenshot

Tonight: Switchero on stage.

Powerful Action

After this introduction, you surely thought that I am going to criticize the fast-paced action of “Switchero”, right? Well, far from it. I mean, it’s ultimately challenging and demanding and like a ride on the rollercoaster, but this is exactly what you expect, if you go to a theme park, right? Well, to be honest, I personally love theme parks because of the food, but that’s a different story. 😉

To sum it up: You won’t be able to handle more action than this. It’s the maximum to take. Everything above is over the top.

The game even manages it to virtuously combine the action-packed gameplay with the visuals. Everytime you hit the switch button, the game gets a whole new look. Even the music plays into the hands of the abnormal speed, pushing you forward with 140 bpm.

Party Hard Reaction Gif

Playing Switchero in the bathroom.

Sorry, noobs! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay, let’s be real, there is also a negative side to this. With a game so fast and tough, you can be pretty sure, that it’s targeting a hardcore niche and leaves everyone behind, who ain’t got the skills or reflexes to handle it.

Maybe it wouldn’t harm to implement an easy mode for beginners? Or different speed classes like in Wipeout? Or – at least – a smoother learning curve?

Moreover, there is really nothing big to criticize. “Busy Breaks” published a polished product, that is one of the best games, that I’ve ever played in this genre.

Switchero Gameplay

Switch or die!

What we love about “Switchero”
  • Great Action
  • Powerful Switching
  • Cool Music

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Easy mode
  • Speed Classes
  • Learning Curve

The Verdict

“Switchero” is a well-done, action-packed endless runner and a perfect choice for adrenaline junkies. Download the game here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots. The reaction gif has been taken from

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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