Tap n Dash Game
Tap ‘n Dash Review
1. May 2018
The Wanderer
The Wanderer Review
7. May 2018
Tap n Dash Game
Tap ‘n Dash Review
1. May 2018
The Wanderer
The Wanderer Review
7. May 2018
Who doesn't love street food? But did you ever think about if it wants to hit the road?

“Samoka These Games” developed a very cute Jump and Run Game featuring street food as heroes. If you want to know more about Kwek Kwek and its friends’ adventure in “Run Kwekx2 Run!”, keep reading.


Help the scared Kwek Kwek

“Run Kwekx2 Run!” is about helping the filipino street food Kwek Kwek and its adorable friends to run away while dodging flying sticks.

Lovely Characters

Like I already mentioned I just think its animation is absolutely adorable. As you earn coins according to the distance you managed to run away, you can unlock more and more new characters. They all want to run away, but it seems like they are all in different moods. (Warning Spoiler Alert: Kwek Kwek is scared, the fish ball looks happy, the banana cue angry and the takoyaki nonchalant.)

The background also has some nice details, which makes the game design well rounded. It’s not too much to distract you, but also enough to make it interesting.

I’m always a big fan of a great advertisement’s placement. “Samoka These Games” definitely found a way to integrate them well. The player can decide if he wants to watch an ad after a long run to get a second chance or to double the amount of the earned coins. I think this is a win-win situation since the gameplay is not interrupted and the developer doesn’t need to worry about too few watched ads since the described benefits are very motivating.

Flying Sticks

For some reason the button “i” didn’t work for me. I guess it’s supposed to be an introduction to the game. Since I couldn’t see it, I missed a bit of information. I thought one only has to dodge the flying obstacles and jump ahead to get points. I found out later that the player can also hit the spears in the higher row from the bottom to earn points as well.

Concerning the dramatic failure of our beloved heroes, it is rather looking like the spears are sticking to the street food instead of piercing it. Maybe this is the family-friendly version? But I think a little tweak here would make it look better.

I also think that the time between the levels, when the gaps between the obstacles become shorter, can be reduced. I managed to jump 3 times very safely but earning the coins each time while waiting for the speed to change. This is very player friendly, but I think we can take the challenge.


The angry banana cue also wants to fight for freedom

What we love about “Run Kwekx2 Run!”
  • Cute characters
  • Details
  • Placement of Ads

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • Instructions
  • Shorter breaks between levels
  • More realistic piercing

The Verdict

“Run Kwekx2 Run!” is a very cute Jump and Run Game, which will make you fall in love with street food. Download it here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
Claudia is a content creator for Daikon Media and dedicated to game reviews.

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