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10. April 2018
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Ghost Hitch Review
17. April 2018
Roll up your sleeves and get ready to reinvent a milestone of history and re-write the chronicles!

The wheel is a tool, that is often as helpful as it is underappreciated. To honor this revolutionary invention, this game lets you chisel a wheel made out of stone and let it roll. In ancient times you might have used blade cores, end scrapers, burins, awls, clovis points, bone points or bone flutes, but this time you only have a small pickaxe. Let’s go for a round of Stone Age bowling!

Reinvent the Wheel Screenshot

Let the good times roll~

With the help of a pickaxe you “Reinvent the Wheel”, craft one and see how far it will roll.

App of the Stone Age

This app is literally rock’n’rolling. So there’s no need to put on your leather jacket and KISS make up. The only thing you’ll need is a little Stone Age tool, some workmanship and a bit of luck. The gameplay is addictive as your round-, egg- or geoid-shaped rock is not only rolling, but jumping as well. Therefore, the outcome is somewhat uncertain.

Also, there’s no doubt that the design of this game rocks. The graphics make you feel like you are looking at ancient cave paintings. In this dimly lit cavern, you’ll discover paintings that will you remind you of the well-known ones in the Altamira, the Lascaux or the Chauvet Cave. And a mammoth will help you to get the ball rolling. The music and sounds blend in smoothly as well: The reverb of the choir is echoing through the fictional surroundings, and the sound effects give the soundscape a professional feeling.

Give this App-cave more depth

Not everything in this game is going as smooth as a Flinstone car, though. While the sounds as a whole are great, they are not loud enough. I have to turn up my volume almost to the maximum until I hear them clearly. So some equalizing would be great. However, my main issue is the scope of the app. You have a few seconds to shape the rock and then you see how it goes. That’s it! While it is addicting, I would love to see more options: different tools, more obstacles or anything like this. To make the game even more fun, I would love to have a multiplayer mode. Let friends craft their wheels in turns and then let them see who’s shape travels farther. I would love to challenge Fred or Claudia!

Reinvent the Wheel Gameplay

(Almost) No Stone Age people were hurt in the making of this high score.

What we love about “Reinvent the Wheel”
  • Game Idea
  • Design
  • Music

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • More Options
  • Leveled sounds
  • Multiplayer

The Verdict

If you think you have what it takes to beat my high score, download the game here!

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Susann Schrader
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