Fox and Raccoon Review
10. June 2018
Otaku-ket Review
15. June 2018
Fox and Raccoon Review
10. June 2018
Otaku-ket Review
15. June 2018

Kuoy Huot provides the app “Lookup Dictionary” for searching both vocabulary and emoticons. This dictionary combines many online sources (such as the “Oxford Dictionary” or the “Urban Dictionary”) and redirects you to all matching sites for getting your wanted information. So you will never run into a dead end. It also integrates the pronunciation, if you were looking for audible help instead of the word’s meaning. Keep reading to learn more about this helpful app.


Searching vocabulary

Help in style

First of all, I like the clean, non-distracting design of the app, which really fits well for a knowledge-based application. You can even customize it a bit, switching from the bright to the dark theme as you wish. Besides looks, I think it also benefits the readability depending on the amount of light surrounding you and your device.

If you stumble upon a word, which you know but are not sure about its pronunciation, the app can help you even offline. You simply need to press the loudspeaker icon and the word will be read to you.

I also enjoyed the option to look for emojis. As they become more and more integrated into our daily communication (or even replace words completely), it’s nice to get help for those little faces we never saw before.

Two faced

As much as I enjoyed the option to search for smileys, it brings some down points to the current version. The available emojis seem to be quite limited. My first tries resulted in no matches, only showing me the word “registered” when there is no information available. I realized that I mainly use the ASCII emojis (like “^^”). I hope they could be included in the list in the future.

It might also help some users, if it was possible to search for emojis by typing their meaning, which is not possible at the moment. I think it would be a helpful addition.

Since there are many dictionaries available in the market, a little comparison is made easily. What I saw in other apps is the possibility to download some data, so that you can get information besides the pronunciation offline as well. In my opinion that would improve “Lookup Dictionary”.


Looking up emoticons

What we love about “Lookup Dictionary”
  • Dark and bright theme
  • Searching emojis
  • Pronunciation

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • ASCII emojis
  • Searching for smileys by their description
  • Offline modus

The Verdict

“Lookup Dictionary” is a fast way to find a word’s or emoji’s meaning. If you want to download the app, look it up here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Claudia Pietschmann
Claudia is a content creator for Daikon Media and dedicated to game reviews.

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