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Meet David "The Walking Eddie" Ochoa and find out more about "Creepy Koala"!

Fred: Hi, David! Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Readers of the Daikon Media Blog might have read our review of “The Walking Eddie”, but just a few people know the man behind “Creepy Koala”. So please tell us a bit about yourself.

David: Hi Fred, my name is David Ochoa, I’m from Mexico and currently living in Estonia, a country from the Baltics near Finland and Russia. I’ve lived there already for last 5 years, as I was looking for an international working experience. I studied Software engineering back in Mexico, and right after graduating I decided to give this jump in my life, and find a job outside of Mexico. All my life I have been really interested in video games and computers so that’s why it was my interest in being part of Creepy Koala and The Walking Eddie.

David Ochoa

MusSSt … EaaaTT… BraIInnS…

Fred: “The Walking Eddie” is the first game by “Creepy Koala” and I was totally surprised by the fantastic quality of your debut. Actually, it’s too good to be the first game from anyone. So, what have you and your team done before “The Walking Eddie”?

David: Continuing from my last response, in Estonia, I met the other team members from Creepy Koala, who by the way are all Latin-Americans; three Brazilians (Yuri, Cassio, and Silvio), and one Colombian (David), and we all share the same passions, the IT world, and video games. So all of us being a mix of Software developers/IT managers/IT designers, we decided we had the needed skills to get into building a game from scratch. First, iteration was started between one of the Brazilians, Yuri and me back at the end of 2014. Then with time, we started involving the other members, who are our friends and which helped to make the transition much faster. Game development as such, this was our first shot, but in the IT world, we have had our experience, professionally.

Fred: Let’s be real, your recipe for success is dog food, because I’ve discovered your secret weapon on Instagram. Who is she? Some kind of office dog to motivate the team?

David: She is a friend of Yuri, at that time we had some working sessions at Yuri’s place, and she was staying there as her owners were on a trip away. So she was staying there, and we decided that she could give us a hand to wrap up some development from Eddie.
Creepy Koala Team

All creepy koalas on one couch.

FredOkay, now we’ve talked a lot about the past and presence. But what can we expect from “Creepy Koala” in the future? What is your next big thing?

David: Our current focus is wrapping up The Walking Eddie, we finished the publishing of the iOS version, which currently we are focusing on marketing properly and see what we can do around that we have missed on our Android launch. But besides that probably we will be a bit quiet on Game development after this project, at least until we get another idea and the time to invest into it. As right now, we don’t have any big plans for the next big thing to work on, besides keeping our main focus on Eddie until it isn’t needed.

Fred: Finally, our off-the-wall question from the Daikon Media surprise bag: What would I find in your refrigerator?

David: A good bottle of really spicy sauce 🙂

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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