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Break Guns Using Gems! Review
9. February 2019
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Break Guns Using Gems
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9. February 2019
AntiGravity Review
24. February 2019

With “Droop!” by “Kandeezy Games”, you’ll get two 2 games in 1. First of all, it’s some kind of reverted Doodle Jump, as we’ve seen it previously in games like Alice Fall. Secondly, the real-life equivalent of this game would be holding up or joggling a football. With the slight difference, that in “Droop” you’ve got more to fear than the ground. The levels are full of dangerous obstacles that’ll blow the game ball to smoke. So, how long can you keep it up?

Droop Gameplay

So far, so good.

Beautiful Pastel

The look and feel of Droop! can be described as a trip to the sun coated in pastel nail polish. The game looks really good with its solid animations (as the deflagration of the game ball), eye-pleasing colors and clear graphics. I also like the perfectly placed sound effects and the calm EDM playing in the background.

Both the graphics and the soundscape give Droop! a professional touch and cater for a pleasant atmosphere.

The other thing I liked was the opportunity to customize the game ball, as they are a couple of skins available that you can unlock. Unluckily though, I wasn’t able to do so, which brings us directly to the con side of the game:

Countless Deaths

After playing Droop! for about half an hour, I was able to collect around 60 stars in countless tries with the best streak of 7. This isn’t particularly much and not a performance to go places.

Whereas this result can be due to my poor reflexes, I would also say that Droop! is rather difficult and not very good in guiding your first steps into this new gaming experience.

I guess a better learning curve, an easier start and maybe some items, with which you can lower the gravity or slow down the ball would be an amazing addition to the game. What about you start with a couple of items with the opportunity to buy more with collected stars or some in-app payment? That would also help the developers to monetize the app in order to get rewarded for the many hours they’ve put into the development process.

Droop Screenshot

A screen, that you’ll see quite often

What we love about “Droop!”

  • Pleasing Graphics
  • Nice Sound & Music
  • Customization Options

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Easier Start
  • Better Learning Curve
  • Supporting Items

The Verdict

Kandeezy Games have created a great gaming setup to start with. With a few updates and additions, Droop! has everything that it takes to be a popular app with a high rating. Download it here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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