King Arthur Magic Sword
King Arthur Magic Sword Review
22. December 2017
Reinforcement for Daikon Media
3. January 2018
King Arthur Magic Sword
King Arthur Magic Sword Review
22. December 2017
Reinforcement for Daikon Media
3. January 2018
Prepare yourself for a literal animal trip in an 8-bit design!

Mix Pulp Fiction and Fear and loathing in Las Vegas together, put it in an 8-bit environment and dressed it up in some fluffy animal fur: Voilà, you’ve successfully mixed today’s game: “Animal Trip”! It’s suitable for kids, 100% free from any substances, that you don’t want to have in your body, yet it is a mind-blowing trip that’ll stimulate your brain in areas, that you didn’t even know they exist.

Are you ready?

Animal Trip Screenshot

A cute Shiba Inu waiting for you to beat your high score.

A coherent retro design

“Animal Trip” comes along with a holistic concept: Everything (buttons, icons, fonts, music, sounds) blends together perfectly like Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coke or Cherry and Banana Juice. The consistent 8-bit style is a big plus and adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game.

In the center of attention, there is a little ball of fur that we’ve got to follow through its LSD trip. To extend the hallucinatory experience, we just have to choose the right color (or fine-tune the dose?) and Matilda, the cow, Felix the cat or Bob the Panda will never stop seeing the brightest colors.

All these animals, however, need to be unlocked through tough challenges, that almost drove me crazy.  At least, you can water down the difficulty by watching ads.

The Smallworlds Gif

Tripping out!

The Hangover

Sadly, there is really nothing more to this game than just choosing the colors to unlock the furries. I would have wished for power-ups (like slowing done the game or allowing one mistake) to increase the variety or motivation of the players.

Also, some additional music would help to make this trip a bit more enjoyable, as it gets quite repetitive after you’ve played a while.

Lastly, I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to implement another game mode, achievements or a global high score. This is how drugs supposedly work – as soon as you acquire a taste for it, you have to increase the dose. Luckily, this trip doesn’t affect your mental or physical health. 🙂

Animal Trip Gameplay

Felix felix est. 

What we love about “Animal Trip”
  • Cute animal icons
  • Possibility to unlock further animals
  • Holistic concept

What we’d like to see in the next update
  • More power-ups
  • Additional music
  • More features

The Verdict

At Daikon Media, we say “No” to drugs! But we make one exception: “Animal Trip” by “ilPaguaro”, the psychedelic, mind-blowing game experience without any negative side-effects. You don’t even have to ask your doc. Just download the game here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots. The Gif has been taken from Memeful.

Susann Schrader
Susann is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and a passionate mobile gaming expert.

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