Fit Shapes
Fit Shapes Review
3. December 2017
Bricks n' Bombs
Bricks n’ Bombs Review
8. December 2017
Fit Shapes
Fit Shapes Review
3. December 2017
Bricks n' Bombs
Bricks n’ Bombs Review
8. December 2017
Hey, Mr. Prepper! If you want to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, you need more than a bug out bag. You need this game! ;-)

Now, this should be very easy for uZombies. I won’t describe myself as a Zombie enthusiast, but at least I’ve read a “Zombie Survival Guide”, I am totally into “The Walking Dead” and whenever there is a TV show, movie or game about Zombies, it automatically raises my interest.  So did uZombies and that’s why we start right into the post-apocalyptic action!

GTA: Hillwood

There is only one camera angle in this game, that depicts the player from a bird’s eye view at a considerable height. This top-down perspective, combined with the purpose of the game (terrorizing the streets, fighting the cops) strongly reminds me of the good old Grand Theft Auto – before 2001. It’s like a zombie-addon for GTA I, in which it’s your mission to infect as many people as possible by biting them right in their human faces. And yes, this is a lot of fun. 🙂

With different cities to overrun (From “Ester Ville” with no military presence to “Hillwood” with lots of cops, soldiers, and armed citizens), a global highscore and an upgrade shop, I would say the total amount of hours that you can spend playing this game, is rather high, no matter if you would call yourself a zombie fan or not.


A Tangle of Contradictions

“They” say, that zombie games or movies don’t have to make sense, because hey, we are talking about brain-consuming undeads walking through the streets. Well, “they” say a lot and I still think, that fantasy products should stick to rules they’ve set.

  1. So why does the zombie you play doesn’t look like one? He clearly has the appearance of one the humans, he’s going to hunt and whereas they change their appearance, your zombie looks like a perfectly healthy ordinary guy. This doesn’t make any sense.
  2. Why do the zombies follow you on every step you take? The undead have a basic herd instinct, yes, but the main driver of all their actions is their permanent bloodlust and hunger for human flesh. So instead of forming clusters all the time, the zombies should always prowl around looking for fresh flesh.
  3. There are “healing zombies”, like undead doctors. Yeah, funny idea, but I guess there a hundred more logical ways to regenerate your undead self, then a medic dancing around you. What about restoring health through eating carcasses?

“Come on, that’s nothing!”, you might say. But every little bit counts and if these guys decide to make a zombie game, I will gladly help them to create an entirely perfect experience for zombie fans.

uZombie Gameplay

Surfing in the zombie crowd

What we love about “uZombie”

  • Zombie scenario
  • Classical GTA feeling
  • Long-term Fun

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • A zombie-ish main character
  • A zombie-UI (undead intelligence)
  • No zombie docs

The Verdict

“uZombie” is like “GTA” meets “Shaun of the Dead”, a funny, chaotic zombie game, that you’ll definitely enjoy. Download the game here.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Frederik Schrader
Fred is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and has 7+ years experience in the online and gaming business.

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