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Idle Downloader Review
21. December 2018
Break Guns Using Gems
Break Guns Using Gems! Review
9. February 2019
Idle Downloader
Idle Downloader Review
21. December 2018
Break Guns Using Gems
Break Guns Using Gems! Review
9. February 2019

Today’s app “Knights and Glory – Tactical Battle Simulator” gives you the opportunity to showcase both your strategic and tactical abilities. So grab your weapon of choice and fight through!

Knights and Glory Gameplay

I guess you could say Leonardo da Vinci’s attack is lit.

Well-rounded PvE game

In this game, you collect and enhance your troops in the form of various cards. The heroes that you can gather are very diverse and touch on different cultural civilizations (such as the Japanese Samurai) as well as on historical times (e.g. Leonardo Da Vinci and Nostradamus). This variety together with the well-done graphics and animations, the fitting sounds and music and the numerous language options make this game really well-rounded and give a rather “professional” feeling other than an “indie” one.

The controls are nicely done as well. They respond immediately and are intuitively understandable.

I also came to like the gameplay. At first, I would have preferred to control the troops on my own, but now I like that I don’t have to focus on clicking to operate them, but rather have the time to think about strategic moves.

With some (radiused) edges

Even though there is a tutorial that explains the main characteristics of the game when you first start playing, I wish there were more and clearer instructions. Sometimes I am a bit lost: I still don’t know how to get the event cards for example or how to remove a card request.

Furthermore, I look forward to the new content additions. So far the “Coming Soon” notice is coming a bit too often and gives the game a slightly unfinished or beta touch.

Lastly, I would like to see an improved network connection. At first, I often had a “failed connection symbol” even though I was connected to the Wifi. It seems that it has been fixed with the last update. However, I often need to start the game twice now to get it started.

Knights and Glory Screenshot

Wouldn’t you love to stroll fight through the landscape? ?

What we love about “Knights and Glory”

  • Professional design
  • Responsive Controls
  • Gameplay

What we’d like to see in the next update

  • Clearer instructions
  • New content
  • Steady connection

The Verdict

If you got curious to try out this great game, give it a chance and download here for free.

All pictures are in-game screenshots.

Susann Schrader
Susann is the founder and CEO of Daikon Media and a passionate mobile gaming expert.

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