5. November 2017

Outback Defender Review

Apocalypse now! Almost. Apocalypse in 2050. In Australia. Australia, of all places! The list of deadly animal species is longer in Australia than on any other […]
3. November 2017

Graviators Review

Just in the very first seconds after I’ve started the game and set the graphics quality from “graverage” to “gravnificient” I knew that the “Graviators” by Polycanic Studios […]
3. November 2017
Monsters of Mayhem

Monsters of Mayhem Review

Mo-Mo-Mo-Monsterkill! Ready to play an unreleased app, hot off the press? “Monsters of Mayhem” is under construction, but stable enough to stand the acid test. The […]
28. October 2017
Perfect Sorter

Perfect Sorter Review

Let me introduce myself. My name is Susann and this is my first review for this blog! I am excited to share my love for mobile […]